You Can Sue For Compensation For Vaccine Injury or Death

If you or any of your family members got side effects or died after taking the Covid Vaccine, then you can file a court case against the person / agency that vaccinated you for compensation of 10 crore rupees or even more.

This video from Ambar Koiri of Awaken India Movement explains how to do it

Download Indian Bar Association’s Draft Petition here:

Spending just Rs.2000-3000 case filing fees, you can engage any ordinary lawyer and ask them to file the above ready made petition. Their professional fees can be a mutually decided % from the compensation awarded to you in the case.

Citizens are entitled to get compensation as the Covid Vaccine was given to them by falsely narrating that the vaccines are completely safe and there are no major side effects.

If you can’t find a lawyer or need help in doing this, please join our Awaken Goa group in Telegram and take the help of our members to do it

Thank You šŸ™šŸ½

International lawyers have begun prosecuting the responsible people for Covid Vaccine Crimes against Humanity

Awaken India Movement

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