Environment & Sustainability Series

Environment & Sustainability Series The New Earth Summit – India’s 1st Integrative Summit on Solutions to our Problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment https://thenewearthsummit.com Natural Homes & Architecture Committee – We Need Natural HomesPanelists – Arch Tallulah D’Silva | Arch Hyacinth Pinto | Arch Rita Mody Joshihttps://youtu.be/y5MmGpe5Css Water Management Committee – Water ConservationPanelists – Capt Joseph Lobo | RomaineContinue reading “Environment & Sustainability Series”

Stop The Public Health Bill

The Public Health Bill 2017/2022 violates The Constitution of Indiahttps://bitchute.com/video/3UGYaCIhQBz3 1. On mere suspicion of an infection2. Enter without notice your home or work premises3. To test, quarantine, medicate, inject, and segregate your family members or children4. To destroy, disinfect, kill, seal off your containers, your premises, your plants, your pets, and your animals5. AndContinue reading “Stop The Public Health Bill”

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  1. Hi Sir, I saw your video on TEDx today & me too not well properly from last 19 years almost. I am 33 now and have very low immunity, very poor digestion, stomach pain, migraine, insomnia, migraine, depression etc. So plz can I get magic 21 days sessions with you. Please reply. Thanks


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