Mass Formation for Gaia Nation

Mass Formation for Gaia Nation: The Way Forward Speakers: Darryl D’Souza – Earth Keepers perspective, Global Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Rights in India, Gaia Nation. Dr. Susan Raj – Awakening the masses to Indigenous Rights and Responsibilities in context of the Global Indigenous Movement, Perspective of SAAF India. Dr. Banu Prakash – Perspective of Indigenous PeoplesContinue reading “Mass Formation for Gaia Nation”

Darryl D’Souza on Kaam Ki Baat

“Kaam Ki Baat” 🔊 Date: 15 May, 2022 (Sunday) Time: 11 am to 12 pm Topic: Discussion on the Prospective Public Health Bill and AIM strategies Place: Video Chat on AIM Discussion Group Speakers: Darryl D’Souza & Gona Singh We welcome you to join the chat! Group: Join AIM Broadcast Channel for daily news:Continue reading “Darryl D’Souza on Kaam Ki Baat”

The Worst Is Not Yet Over

People think the Global Pandemic Fraud is over, but that’s simply not true! What’s coming is worse than what you’ve experienced so far. The Criminal Procedure Bill has been passed in both houses of Indian Parliament that now makes it possible for the Govt. to inspect, test and confine any person, just on the basisContinue reading “The Worst Is Not Yet Over”

Video – Curing Back, Neck & Joint Pains Workshop

Recording of Workshop by Healer & Therapist Darryl D’Souza, on How to Cure neck pain, back pain, slipped / herniated / fractured spinal disc, spinal cyst, joint pain, knee pain, arthritis, etc. using… 1) The Natural Health Therapy 2) Diet & Nutrition & Herbal Supplements 3) Acupressure 4) Detox Therapy 5) Exercise To get notified ofContinue reading “Video – Curing Back, Neck & Joint Pains Workshop”

Curing Back, Neck & Joint Pains Workshop

Free Workshop by Healer & Therapist Darryl D’Souza, on how to cure neck pain, back pain, slipped / herniated / fractured spinal disc, spinal cyst, joint pain, knee pain, arthritis, etc. with… 1) The Natural Health Therapy2) Diet & Nutrition & Herbal Supplements3) Acupressure4) Detox Therapy5) Exercise Date & Time: Thu, 5 May’22 from 7pmContinue reading “Curing Back, Neck & Joint Pains Workshop”

Healing with Darryl D’Souza

Have you been struggling with High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight Issues, Skin Ailments, Arthritis, and other Chronic Conditions? And you’ve accepted taking medicines for the rest of your life as the only alternative? Or at 35 years you look like 50+? Then you need to tune in to the 54th episode of The Limitless Show today,Continue reading “Healing with Darryl D’Souza”

Health Camps in Goa

Some members of AIM Goa and Get Aware India (Goa Chapter) and the Integrative Natural Medicine Committee of Goa, want to start Health Camps in Goa. 1) To help people reverse their chronic illnesses and live medicine free lives. 2) To help people improve their immunity during these Covid times. 3) To help people heal from vaccine injuries. WeContinue reading “Health Camps in Goa”

Earth Keepers Connect

Need solutions to your problems in health, food, farming, environment, sustainability, fundamental rights & governance? Join our community Earth Keepers Connect at Via our webpage join your Telegram City group. Join your State group as well to interact will people there. Join EKC India too! And watch our video Making New Earth toContinue reading “Earth Keepers Connect”

How to Stop 5G & HAARP Damage?

How to stop 5G & HAARP damage – A discussion at 6pm today 15 Mar’22 on Earth Keepers Connect Click the ‘Join’ button at 6pm on top bar in the Telegram group To prepare yourself for this discussion: 1) Watch the video Making New Earth from 1hr 12mins to 1hr 20mins 2) ReadContinue reading “How to Stop 5G & HAARP Damage?”