Help Your People’s Committees

No one is coming to save us. 
We have to save ourselves.

If you’ve objected enough to the authorities over the last 2 yrs and realize that its been quite useless, now what do you do?

They are advancing, because we are not organized. So get organized and do useful work that secures your future.

Be part of the 21 People’s Committees in your state and get to work. 

Start with watching our video Making New Earth It explains how the entire movement is organized.

Then see the committee webinar recordings on our page, and message me about which committee you want to be a member of, or even if you just want to help any committee do the work in your state

The committees have already begun forming. They will be meeting online from 10th Nov to 30th Nov to finalize their teams and work. Implementation phase for each committee begins right after their meeting dates.

To understand what solutions in health, food, farming, environment & local circular economy we are implementing across the country, see the list of videos of the last 3 yrs of The New Earth Summit. 

TNES 2019

TNES 2020
TNES 2021

Thank You!

Darryl D’Souza
Convener, The New Earth Summit


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