The Worst Is Not Yet Over

People think the Global Pandemic Fraud is over, but that’s simply not true!

What’s coming is worse than what you’ve experienced so far.

The Criminal Procedure Bill has been passed in both houses of Indian Parliament that now makes it possible for the Govt. to inspect, test and confine any person, just on the basis of suspicion, with no prior proof.

The draconian Public Health Bill of 2017 is being tabled in this monsoon session of parliament that makes forced testing of people, their confinement, and vaccination or other forms of treatment compulsory.

Mask mandates have just been passed once again in Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka and other states, even though innumerable studies prove masks do not prevent Covid and are actually harmful for health.

Covid appropriate behavior is being advised once again even though people are not actually getting Covid symptoms, and most people in India have already achieved immunity.

WHO Covid protocols in India have virtually shut down most traditional medicine system remedies for Covid, and yet, a WHO Traditional Medicine Center has been inaugurated in Jamnagar, Gujarat, which appears to be a clear attempt to subvert the functioning of local and natural medicine & healing systems in India.

WHO is trying to enforce a Pandemic Treaty across all nations, which will suspend every country’s Constitution when the next Pandemic arrives, meaning that our lawyers won’t be able to defend our rights in court and the New World Order of the Globalist criminals running WHO will be controlling every nation soon.

The recent Supreme Court’s order in the case filed by Dr. Jacob Puliyel against Covid vaccines stated that Covid Vaccines cannot be physically forced on anyone, but it failed to restrict all forms of coercion for Covid vaccines that have already taken millions of lives, and instead stated that the Covid vaccination policy is not unreasonable.

So please become aware of all these unjust and dangerous developments going on, and push back now, or after a couple of months it will be too late.

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