Use Integrative Natural Medicine

If you are a doctor, healer, therapist, counsellor, natural medicine practitioner or just interested in using natural medicine & therapies for your own health, please watch this video from 1hr 43 mins onward

It explains the future of medicine and healthcare, and how to nominate experienced people to the Integrative Natural Medicine Committee of your State, so they can take up the work of good healthcare for the people in your cities and villages.

The video details:

1) The Decentralized Integrative Natural Medicine Model.

2) Who should be in Integrative Natural Medicine Committee.

3) What are the benefits of being in the Committee.

4) How to form the Committee.

5) What work for society should the Committee do.

6) How to handle the Covid crisis.

7) Why Wellness Centers must also be Education Centers.

Please share this message widely!

Thank You!

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