The New Earth Summit

Greetings from Earth Keepers Connect 🙏🏼💖🌏

We are delighted to bring you the 3rd edition of The New Earth Summit – India’s 1st Integrative Summit on Solutions to our Problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment.

The mission of the summit is to create awareness about the root causes of problems in healthcare, food supply, living spaces, environment, governance and education and to showcase unique solutions that have been implemented at places in India and around the world, by experts, so that the solutions can be implemented across the world. To also help facilitate the creation of eco-friendly, self-sustaining, locally diverse, circular economy models, by the people and for the people across states of the world and thereby contribute to the creation of A New Earth.

This year we will have a webinar each evening of November from 6pm to 8pm – 1st hour viewpoints by our panelists, 2nd hour Q & A with the audience.

For video recordings of the previous two editions of The New Earth Summit, please visit

If you have good implementation experience in any of the following topics, and would like to be a panelist on it, kindly call / whatsapp me on +91 9821758877 since we still have some speaker slots vacant.

Thank You, Darryl D’Souza
Convener, The New Earth Summit

The New Earth Summit is a venture of Earth Keepers Connect


1st Nov – The Miracles of Allopathic Medicine
2nd Nov – In Search of Coronavirus
3rd Nov – COVID-19 Prevention is Better than its Cure
4th Nov – Healing Protocols for Spike Protein damage
5th Nov – Healing the Microbiome of Humanity
6th Nov – Healing Mental Stress of The Plandemic
7th Nov – Energy Medicine to the Rescue
8th Nov – Decentralized Integrative Natural Medicine for Wellness
9th Nov – Integrative Natural Medicine Committee
10th Nov – Lessons from the Indigenous Tribes

Food & Farming

11th Nov – The Food Master Class
12th Nov – Unhealthy Food
13th Nov – Basics of Growing your own Food
14th Nov – Preserving food Naturally for times of Lack Naturally
15th Nov – The Importance of Heirloom Seeds
16th Nov – Why are Indian Farmers protesting?
17th Nov – Food Supply Chain Security
18th Nov – The Permaculture Perspective on Healthy Food
19th Nov – Hosting a Healthy Community Market
20th Nov – Natural Food and Farming Committee


21st Nov – The Need for Natural Homes
22nd Nov – Roof & Land Scaping for Water Harvesting
23rd Nov – Small Changes for a Big Impact in our Health & Environment
24th Nov – Repairing Damages in Earth’s Biosphere
25th Nov – Natural Homes & Architecture Committee
26th Nov – Water Management Committee
27th Nov – Ocean, Coasts and Marine Life Committee
28th Nov – Green Careers and Jobs
29th Nov – The Rise and Fall of The Capitalist
30th Nov – The Self-Sustained Eco Villages of New Earth
1st Dec – Concluding Remarks and Thanks by Convener / Panelists / Audiences

For a morning email invite on each of the webinar days that will have the panelist names as well, kindly open our blog page and click the ‘Follow’ button at the bottom

Namaste 🙏🏼🌸


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